Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well we have been home almost a week now and its going OK. Malia wont sleep through the night here yet. Her poor little body is mixed up. But she is still her happy little self. She clams up around strangers still but thats to be expected. Here are some pictures I took at home.
Some are with her jammie pants on her head, they are so big they fall down to her feet when she stands up. So her big brother put the bottoms on her head. The other is with Gary's hat, she loves playing with it.


jon-n-tracey said...

yea! i was looking for the update!

Marcy said...

Malia looks so wonderful and happy...I am so relieved to see that sweet girl at home :-) I hope to see all those babies in Malia and Anna's orpahange go home to their families soon. Congratulations and Welcome Home Ms. Malia!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you guys are home and settling in. Malia looks very happy to be home, too! It was a pleasure to have met your family on our trip to China. I will watch your blog for updates on Malia and wish you all the best!!

Michelle and (Dave, Ella, Sophie)