Monday, August 6, 2007

Fun with ballons

Today we had fun with balloons ! We blew up a bunch of balloons and let Malia go nuts with them. She loved crawling around batting them with her hand. She is getting better and better by the day as far as giving smiles and being happy.
I'm pretty sure that Gary and I now have what Malia has. We both have sore throats and a cough. Yuk.

Malia's Chinese zodiac sign is the "Rooster" and she looks like one when she gets up in the morning !!

We made the balloons stick to her head, she didn't care for this too much.

Here she is sitting on Ba Ba's lap eating her favorite snack and watching a movie. These Gerber puffs are her absolute favorite food. If she starts to cry all you have to do is show her the container and she stops right away. (Note to self: take a container for the plane ride home!)

I bought a set of Tellatubbie movies in Mandarin for her to watch, she saw the package and got very excited so I popped one in the portable DVD player for her to watch. She really likes them.

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Joce said...

Shannon, your baby girl is beautiful. She sounds a lot like Fenway when we first got her except Fenway won't come to me only Shawn. Malia will come around. It is good for her to grieve shows that she had attachments before. You guys are all doing wonderfull with her!!