Sunday, June 22, 2008

A picnic

This past Saturday we were invited to an FCC picnic by friends that we met while in China and it just so happens that they only live 2 hours away form us. We haven't seen them since last year while in China so we thought it would be nice to go see them and to also see what an FCC event is like. It was very nice, and we met quite a few people. I wish the FCC in our area was more active.

Malia and Ella playing in the sand, it was the most popular "toy" there.

The first time she had her face painted.

This guy sang songs with the kids, they enjoyed it a lot.

Sophie even started to dance a little.

Then Ella wanted in the sack race, she did very well.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family Pictures

So we had family pictures taken this past weekend. We have our last home visit (the 12 month one) this Friday and I thought why not splurge and send China a professional family photo since I have to give one. I do have to warn you though I had to scan these to post them and my scanner is about 10 yrs old. I swear its one of the first ones that ever came out, lol. So the pictures are going to look like they are VERY poor quality.
I think she looks so cute with her big bro's holding her.
This is Dustin on the left, age 19. Dylan is on the right, age 21

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I love summer

We really didn't do too much this past weekend. We did get a family picture taken, I will post that later. We went for a swim, then the "girls" sat and watched Dylan ride his motorcycle. I don't know if he plans on racing this year or not.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pool Time

It's so HOT out this weekend. I just saw on the news that it was 108 degrees in Harrisburg today. Malia and Gary "broke in" the pool yesterday, they were the first in this year. We had a small family cook out yesterday. Dylan's GF and her parents came over for a BBQ and Swim. We had fun, this is what all I did.......

I just lounged around......

Got thrown in the air by Baba.....

Played some B-Ball with Dylan...

Hung out with Leigh and chatted.....

Relaxed with Dylan......

We had a really nice day

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We're swinging now !

Whoohoo !
She's a real swinger now, lol. I'm sure I've mentioned before how much Malia likes to swing and now she can do it anytime she wants. And that's ALL THE TIME.

Here is the start of it.

Gary and his friend Gary working on the "2nd floor"

Malia making sure that Baba understands the instructions

Malia making sure that Dylan installs the screws properly.

A picture of the main building, the first floor gets a built-in picnic table yet. lol.

A peek from the balcony.

Its all done, except for the picnic table and the mulch that goes around it.

And now for the FUN part!

Malia gives Nana, Baba, Dylan and Uncle Neff a thumbs up !