Sunday, June 22, 2008

A picnic

This past Saturday we were invited to an FCC picnic by friends that we met while in China and it just so happens that they only live 2 hours away form us. We haven't seen them since last year while in China so we thought it would be nice to go see them and to also see what an FCC event is like. It was very nice, and we met quite a few people. I wish the FCC in our area was more active.

Malia and Ella playing in the sand, it was the most popular "toy" there.

The first time she had her face painted.

This guy sang songs with the kids, they enjoyed it a lot.

Sophie even started to dance a little.

Then Ella wanted in the sack race, she did very well.

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Michelle said...

These are great pics! We are so glad you guys came out for the picnic. It was nice to be able to visit with you and also to see how big Malia is getting "in person". She is adorable and such a happy, smiley little girl! Thanks for the pictures that you sent to me...don't know if I thanked you for them or not. They turned out great, especially some of the ones of Ella in the sack race!