Sunday, December 19, 2010

What we've been up to

We went to the Dentist.
We made a gingerbread house at school.
Which we are very proud of by the way.

We got our hair trimmed.

We went on the hunt for the big man in the red suite.   Malia was very excited to find him because she wanted to let him know that she wanted a (ballbie)  Barbie.  I mean this is all she talked about, telling Santa that she wanted a barbie.  When she actually saw him I bet you could hear the squeals across the mall.
But as we got closer and closer the excitement turned to terror.  Hahaha, this is as close as we could get.
Almost in tears as dad tries to talk her into it.
 So we are right this minuet writing a letter to Santa to let him know about the barbie.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chistmas cookie time again

Malia is the official cookie decorator.  Its a job she loves.

The concentration it takes to do this is amazing, and not everyone can do it.
She decorated cookies for a good 2 hours or more. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Buzz Words

I'm ashamed to admit that Malia is sensitive to what my husband and I refer to as  "buzz words",  I know  I know its a horrendous condition to have, but alas my baby has it.

It started about 4 months after we brought her home.  Gary would tell her to take it eeeeeeeeasy and Malia would stop doing whatever she was doing and bust out laughing.  No matter what, she thought that word was the funniest thing in the world.  So every once in awhile one of us would bust out with eeeeeeeasy and she would lose it.  Its the weirdest phenomenon to experience, really.

Fast forward to about a week ago,  Malia is watching the new Dora Christmas movie and on it someone mentions Santa's "Naughty List".  This has Malia rolling on the floor.  So she is walking around the house just randomly saying "naughty list" and laughing so hard that her legs give out and she sinks to the floor.  So Wednesday night she for some reason got up in the middle of the night.  Gary took her back to her bed and she started to cry.  Gary said she was really crying and upset so he just blurted out "naughty list" and she went from crying big crocodile tears to laughing, instantly.
I just don't get it, but apparently buzz words can come in very handy.  :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Funny Girl

Malia has just been cracking me up lately. Everyday day she says something new that makes me laugh. Yesterday we just got out of the car and she races to the door because for some reason she likes to be the first one in. Well , she couldn't get the door open, so she gives this big sigh and says " this freaking door wont open" except she says "feeking" hahahahaha. I never heard her say that before. Last night on the way to bed she starts gesturing wildly with her hands and shrugging her shoulders while rambling something about Saturday and Sunday. This went on for about 2 minuets. She goes back and forth about Saturday and Sunday, I look at her intensely while shaking my head yes, pretending to understand her.........She was so serious, but the only thing I could understand are the words Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quilt Giveaway

Head on over to Malani's blog for your chance to win an Amish quilt!

Also there is a chance for a blog makeover by Alexis.

Go check it out! 
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Journey to Malani


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Build a Bear or a..............................

We were in Gettysburg for the weekend.  We had a few "firsts" while there.
She wasn't able to hang onto these rings with both hands last year.  Her left hand just couldn't do it.  This year she hung on long enough to swing back and forth twice.

But she was even more proud of the fact that she was able to climb up the slide ladder all by herself while using her left hand. Although she would stop using it at the top.  I think she climbed that ladder at least 60 times while we were there.

We went to Boyd's Bears again, only because the last time we were there she ended up with a rat instead of a bear, because we didn't see the long tail until we got home. 

It actually took me a few minuets to convince her to stand close to this big bear.  She was pretty scared of it.

She found this black bear laying on this bench "sleeping" and fell in love with it.  Guess how much it was?   $116.00,  No, we did not buy it.

So she picked out her "bear" and then got to choose what color beans she wanted in it,  guess what color she picked..........PINK.  I know shocker, right?

She got to put the beans inside the "bear" except for maybe 1/2 cup.

Then she got to pick out an outfit for it,  she picked out a purple wizard holloween custom for it.  She really enjoyed dressing it.

Well as you can see its really not a bear its a COW.  Yeah, she picked out a cow.  There were soooooo many cute things to pick from like at least 7 different bears, puppies, bunnies, frogs, etc.  But NooOOOoooo, she picked a cow.

It's growing on me though.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Our awesome weekend

We went camping this weekend, and we had FUN!

We made smores

We had karaoke night, where they sang into the end the fire poker stick.
(Sorry for any of our neighbors who had to listen to us singing and giggling)

Of course we hit the swings..............

Then we went out on a paddle boat in the lake and our ot nowhere Malia says that she wants a fishing rod
and she wants to go fishing.  We both looked at her and went Whaaaaaaaaat?    She was insistant after that and kept asking and asking.  So off the to camp store we went.  She had her choice between a spider man and a barbie rod.  Of course she picked screaming pink Barbie rod.   Off to the lake we went again.

The second time she threw it in she got a bite and reeled in her very first fish.

Believe it or not she sat there and fished for over an hour.  Saying that "She was into it" just doesn't cover it.

The people who own the campground raise a lot of money every year for St Jude's.  They have two big events a year to help raise money. One of the many things they do is raffle off an authentic amish quilt made by a local family.  I spent $5.00 for 8 chances on this quilt.   Can you guess who won the quilt?    Yeah, I know ! I can hardly believe it myself, lol.   I have decided that my mama gets first dibs on it and if she doesnt want it maybe I'll try and raffle it off myself.   It is pretty stunning to look at it close up because it is all hand sewn and the designs in it are..........Well just put it this way, I could never do something like that by hand.

Over all it was an awesome weekend, we relaxed and had fun at the same time.