Monday, September 6, 2010

Our awesome weekend

We went camping this weekend, and we had FUN!

We made smores

We had karaoke night, where they sang into the end the fire poker stick.
(Sorry for any of our neighbors who had to listen to us singing and giggling)

Of course we hit the swings..............

Then we went out on a paddle boat in the lake and our ot nowhere Malia says that she wants a fishing rod
and she wants to go fishing.  We both looked at her and went Whaaaaaaaaat?    She was insistant after that and kept asking and asking.  So off the to camp store we went.  She had her choice between a spider man and a barbie rod.  Of course she picked screaming pink Barbie rod.   Off to the lake we went again.

The second time she threw it in she got a bite and reeled in her very first fish.

Believe it or not she sat there and fished for over an hour.  Saying that "She was into it" just doesn't cover it.

The people who own the campground raise a lot of money every year for St Jude's.  They have two big events a year to help raise money. One of the many things they do is raffle off an authentic amish quilt made by a local family.  I spent $5.00 for 8 chances on this quilt.   Can you guess who won the quilt?    Yeah, I know ! I can hardly believe it myself, lol.   I have decided that my mama gets first dibs on it and if she doesnt want it maybe I'll try and raffle it off myself.   It is pretty stunning to look at it close up because it is all hand sewn and the designs in it are..........Well just put it this way, I could never do something like that by hand.

Over all it was an awesome weekend, we relaxed and had fun at the same time.


Kristin said...

Love the Barbie fishing rod!! My girls keep asking to go too.....but I am SO not a camper!

So glad you had an awesome weekend!

day by day said...

Yay about the quilt!!! It is gorgeous!

You captured some great pics of Gary and Malia!!!! Now, you have to start handing off the camera sometimes and get in a few of those pics. : )

So glad you were able to get away for a fun/relaxing week-end!!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Wow...looks like a FUN time for sure!!! So cute that you have a little fishergirl on your hands. What a might fish that Barbie pole brought to shore...way to go Malia!!

The quilt is gorgeous...congrats!

Love and blessings,