Sunday, September 26, 2010

Build a Bear or a..............................

We were in Gettysburg for the weekend.  We had a few "firsts" while there.
She wasn't able to hang onto these rings with both hands last year.  Her left hand just couldn't do it.  This year she hung on long enough to swing back and forth twice.

But she was even more proud of the fact that she was able to climb up the slide ladder all by herself while using her left hand. Although she would stop using it at the top.  I think she climbed that ladder at least 60 times while we were there.

We went to Boyd's Bears again, only because the last time we were there she ended up with a rat instead of a bear, because we didn't see the long tail until we got home. 

It actually took me a few minuets to convince her to stand close to this big bear.  She was pretty scared of it.

She found this black bear laying on this bench "sleeping" and fell in love with it.  Guess how much it was?   $116.00,  No, we did not buy it.

So she picked out her "bear" and then got to choose what color beans she wanted in it,  guess what color she picked..........PINK.  I know shocker, right?

She got to put the beans inside the "bear" except for maybe 1/2 cup.

Then she got to pick out an outfit for it,  she picked out a purple wizard holloween custom for it.  She really enjoyed dressing it.

Well as you can see its really not a bear its a COW.  Yeah, she picked out a cow.  There were soooooo many cute things to pick from like at least 7 different bears, puppies, bunnies, frogs, etc.  But NooOOOoooo, she picked a cow.

It's growing on me though.

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Terri Fisher said...

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Have a great weekend!