Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Adoption complete on China's side

Yesterday we completed China's part of the adoption, we promised to take care of her and never hurt or abandon her. We waited a long time to get into the notary's office to do it because the couple in front of us were thinking of backing out of theirs and wanted more time to think about theirs. I felt bad for that little boy. Anyway, we get her passport photo taken today. We also went to the Guangzhou mall today. All I can say is wow, very confusing. If you want to buy something you have to give it to a clerk, she will write up a ticket for you to take to a cashier. After you go to the cashier and pay you have to go back to the sales clerk and pick up your item. This wouldn't really be a problem except when you purchase things from different clerks (who are about 15 feet apart from each other) you have to walk around and figure out who you bought from to make sure you get everything. We haven't ventured around the island too much yet, its been way too hot !!!

Still no smiles yet:(

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