Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Here are somemore pics

All I have to say is 3 words !! Gary is SMITTEN !!! This man is in love with Malia, he wants to hold her all the time. He took her swimming. While at the pool he talked with someone (sorry I don't know her name) but she has been here for 6 months now working with LWB. He asked her all kinds of questions and I think she really eased his mind with the fact that Malia isn't showing any emotions yet. I keep telling him to give her time. Here are some more pics.


jon-n-tracey said...

She's gorgeous!

Hoping you see her smile and hear her laugh SOON!

Tricia said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! We were in GZ getting our daughter (Maia) this past December. I am commenting to you because Maia had the exact same expression on her face as your daughter does. Maia had a blank stare and held onto me for dear life. It took 2 full days to see a smile. It was so worth the wait though! Please don't worry- your daughter's personality will shine through soon enough.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi, well done on getting her - she is beautiful and so cute. Most of the blogs say that their new children do not smile straight away, so I am sure she will very soon. I hope the trip to Foshan works out - make the most of it for you and your family. Best Regards Michael & Cora Kiernan
(Hai Xiaomo meeting date 20th August 2007)