Sunday, August 5, 2007

Malia is sick :(

I forgot to mention that Malia was coughing a little the past few days and has had a low grade temperature for 2 days. So we took her to the clinic here at the white swan yesterday. Turns out she has Bronchitis, and her ear canals are a little infected. She also has a bit of a sore throat and still has 3 ulcers on her tongue. So now she is on antibiotics, Benadryl (sp?),a cough medicine, vitamin C, Tylenol, and ear drops. Every time I give this stuff to her I tell myself that this is waaaaayyyyy too much medicine for a little body. It seems like I'm giving 5 cc's of this and that, it takes a while to give it all. You can tell she is not feeling well at all, she has been pretty whinny and clingy the past two days. Poor baby, the doctor said she would be better in 2 days, but today she seems worse then yesterday.
I really hope she feels better soon !!!

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