Saturday, August 11, 2007

Aaaaaahhhhh, Home

We are home !! After being up for 24 hours and a 15 hour flight we were extremely tired and hungry when we got home. We were surprised by my mother and Megan's Aunt jo and my nephew Dan. They decorated the house and had a birthday cake and presents for Malia. That was very nice of them and a great unexpected surprise ! Yesterday (the day we got home) was Malia's 2nd birthday, and the poor baby was soooooo tired she couldn't enjoy it very much. She got a baby doll that laughs when you push her belly, malia loves it and every time you make the baby laugh she will get this big smile on her face. After everyone left (they only stayed about 45 minuets, because we were so tired!) and right before we went to bed we looked in the fridge for some juice and guess what was in there??? A home made lasagna !! Leigh and her mother made it for us for when we come home. Oh my god that was one of the best sights we have seen in months !!!! We were starved. We quickly ate a few pieces of it and let me tell you it HIT THE SPOT ! Thanks Mary and Leigh !
I'm glad to report that today Malia is her smiley, happy self, but Gary & I are still really beat and tired.
*** Aunt Nancy, I got you some chinese and Hong Kong money !!****

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jon-n-tracey said...

Hooray! Finally Home!