Friday, August 3, 2007

Orphanage Visit

Today we had the option of going to the orphanage, we did go but we opted to not take Malia inside. She is having such a hard transition, and after 4 days is just now starting to come out of her zombie like state and I didn't want to take any chances on her "back sliding" so Gary sat in the van with her while Megan and I went in. Its actually one of the nicer orphanages in China and for that I'm grateful, I know they take care of the babies as best they can. While there our guide told Ms. Tang (the director) that Malia was starting to get a chest cold so she gave us a bottle of "winter melon soup" for her. Ms. Tang said that it will make her better. It looked like beef broth with something, (maybe spices?) and it was very hot ! Of course since it was in a bottle, Malia wanted nothing to do with it. The whole visit was pretty interesting. Here are a few pictures of the Orphanage, one is of Malia's favorite nanny, Megan and myself. Oh, and some others from the day before.

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