Sunday, August 5, 2007

More paperwork and Grandma said I could

Sigh, did I mention that its VERY hot and humid here? No? Let me tell ya, its REALLY hot and humid here !!

Today we just finished up pretty much that last of the paperwork, we now just have to wait on Malia's passport and Visa. Since Malia AKA YaYen, is from the Guangdong Providence we have to stay an extra 2 days more then the other families. She knows her Chinese nickname which is Yan Yan pronounced Ya Yen. We call her YaYan Malia so she gets to know her American name. I have a feeling we will still call her YaYen in America too. There are now 2 other families here that are using the same agency that we are so we are going out to eat tonight at the "Cow and Bridge" as a group. I hear its really good.
The first few pictures are for you Nana !!! There is also one of Malia and Ba Ba at the white swan play room, we are trying to get her to spend a little more time with daddy because right now she prefers mommy and Megan. The other picture is of her in a ladybug outfit that I bought her here in Guangdong.

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