Monday, December 8, 2008

I saw Malia kissing Santa Clause

We put up our tree this past weekend, it was fun. The girls did most of the work.

This year Malia was able to help a little more then last year. Notice that there are groups of balls at the bottom of the tree and ornaments grouped together too, lol. I will leave her work of art the way it is and treasure it.

Last year this Santa was much bigger then Malia. She was scared to death of it. Well this year was no different, she saw it and froze. After two days of coaxing and bribing she finally realized that Santa is a nice guy and now will willingly go up and hug him.

So, here is Malia kissing Santa Clause

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Kristin said...

How sweet!! My girls were scared of Santa for a long time----and one of them likely still is if he appears in person!