Monday, December 29, 2008

I got a girlie girl

I always swore that I would never get my nails done........well Megan talked me into it about 4 months ago and I loved the results. I don't get them long, but I like it. So anyway today when I went in to get mine done, Malia walks over to the stand where they have all the nail polish and picked out a florescent orange color, brought it over to Jen ( the girl who always does mine) then went to the chair next to mine, climbed on it and promptly put her hands on the counter. It was hilarious ! I had no idea that she paid that much attention to what was going on. She sat there very patiently until Jen went over and painted her nails, she even put little flowers on them. Malia thought she was big stuff for awhile, it was so cute. I took some pictures with my phone so they are not real good.


Kristin said...

Oh that is too funny!! I have only taken Anna Grace to get her toes done one time before. Abby has never been. Typically I only get my toes done because I am so hard on my hands. But I have a mom at school (mom of a student of mine) who owns a nail salon. I've had two gift certificates from her so far. I did my fingernails once recently and loved the look. But I love even more having my toes done----even in the winter. At least I can enjoy them if no one else can!

It's funny because I was going to take all three girls in tomorrow for pedicures in prep for Grandpa's 70th birthday on Friday. Not that he'll see our toes or anything, but it makes me feel good!

What fun to have a girlie girl!

day by day said...

Oh, cute! I never get manicures..but love to get pedicures! Ella LOVES her big sister doing her nails for her.

Jacob and Carrie said...

Cute story and pictures! Just a reminder that I need your address in order to mail you the necklace that you won. I still haven't received it!

Anonymous said...

These pics are TOO cute! Thanks for stopping by!