Monday, October 29, 2007

Still growing

Malia continues to amaze us everyday. It seems she gets it more and more. We just have to show her anything once and she gets it. A few examples are turning on and off a musical toy, you show her once how to do it and she does it herself from then on. The other day she babbled something to me and it sounded like a question and I put my hands up in the air and shrugged my shoulders, so when we ask her a question she will shrug her shoulders and put her palms in the air. She imitates ALL of our body language now. She still doesn't try to speak yet but she can say baby, ma ma and Da Da. She does however understand almost everything we say.
She had an EEG this past Thursday to see if she is having seizures and the Doctor called that night and asked if I could come in because it was "a little abnormal", so I go to see him tomorrow. Next Monday she gets an MRI so see what part of her brain is effected by her Cerebral Palsy. We still don't know if it was caused by a stroke or brain damage. I would also love to know if it happend in utero or after birth but her Doctor said with her being two now it would be almost impossible to tell. I'm praying that the part of her brain that effects speech isn't effected, but we shall see.

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Chelsie and Alan said...

Hello, I also have a child (Max, from China, 2 1/2 years old) who we adopted two months ago, who has CP. Our neurologist COULD tell from the MRI if the damage to his brain was from birth, or while in utero. (His was while in utero) So, if he says he can't tell, I might search for another opinion! Because this is really important info.

Your Malia is a doll, I love seeing her progress.

Chelsie and Max