Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sissy got braces

Today Megan got braces.  She was pretty excited about it.
(Please note all these pictures were taken with my iPhone so they are not really good)

Here she is before anything happened.........

I think she is starting to have second thoughts now, Its starting to sink in.................
( They made her wear these glasses)

Almost done now.............................

When they were done putting them on, they let her get up and look in a mirror.  Her first reaction was this.
The expression on her face says it all......

Then she cups her hands around her mouth like she is hiding them from everyone in the office and whispers,
"Oh my god they are so UGLY" !

She is so adorable,  I think she looks cute with braces.

Not much has been happening and I really haven't  had any time to take any new pictures but here are some that were taken when we went over to Leigh's  parents (my oldest son's GF) house for dinner recently.
They have two Labrador dogs and the one LOVES to play.  Malia just loves to play with Porter.



day by day said...

The braces look great AND just think of that million dollar smile(literally!) that she will have when all is said and done. : )

Hope she is a better patient than my Ryan. He did not listen to any of the "rules" and I was constantly getting yelled at by the ortho. I just stopped going in and would drop him off at the door and wait in the car. Let him get yelled at. lol!

Malia is looking like such a big kid all of a sudden. Where does time go??

Have a great week-end!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

She does look adorable in braces! She is a very beautiful girl! Love the pics!