Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I had entered a contest over at
I agreed to help spread the word of their volunteer work at a Foster Care home in China. I won a silver necklace of the Chinese symbol of “Hope”.
Here it is………….
(I hope its not backwards)

They do wonderful work at this foster care home. If I ever had the chance to volunteer at a place like this, I would do it in a heartbeat!

Not to take away the meaning of the necklace but........
I “hope” that this sign of hope has some kind of significant meaning for me too. Does it mean that I should not give up hope that my DH will change his mind and give the go ahead for a sister for Malia?
Anyone that knows me knows that I will never ever give up hope of ever going back to China.


Kristin said...

Gee, lots of HOPE being sent your way!!

Mom To Six said...

Congrats on the necklace!! As to your dh, I just wanted to say that it took a lot of praying for my dh to say he'd adopt the first time.

Today we are home with not one, but three little ones! Nothing's impossible for God. Keep praying!



Cheri H said...

Love the necklace! I too say keep praying for another little one! I know I am! I would like to adopt an older child (boy). Dh is not totaly against it but is not totally for it. We will see what happens. Keep praying girl!