Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

We bought a really nice Mickey Mouse costume for Malia and she really likes it but she wasn't real thrilled about putting it on last night for some reason, as you can tell by the pictures. But once we started to hit the houses and she was getting candy she had second thoughts about how fun it was to dress up. I didn't get many pictures of her while trick or treating because we only went to 5 houses ( It seemed that only 1 out of every 7 houses were giving out candy) before she got tired.

Malia and her cousin, Delilah.

Having difficulties with those big hands.

Are we having fun yet???

Ok, tell me again what I'm supposed to do.


Michelle said...

What a cute Mickey Mouse! We have our t or t tonight.

Have a great week-end!!!!

Kristin said...

Very cute!! I'll bet she had fun though even if the pictures don't show it. :-)