Monday, October 20, 2008

Last camping trip of the year

We went camping for the last time this year. We went to our favorite place, Gettysburg.

Here Megan & Malia are playing patty cake.

Malia started trying to do the peace sign, but only holds up one finger.

At Big Round top.

Gary, Megan and Malia at Devils Den.

Here are some more random pictures.

About 2 miles from where we go camping all the time is Boyd’s Bears. We passed this thing 100’s of times but never went in, well today we went and its 3 full floors of bears and such. The 3rd floor is where you can either adopt a bear and actually do some paperwork as part of the process. They have a bear nursery that you walk through to pick out your bear. Or you can go to the build a bear section and build a bear or as it turns out another creature. We did the build a bear this time with the promise (to ourselves) that we would come back and adopt.

Malia got her hard hat and time card as we entered the “factory” she picked out her “bear” and we then proceeded to the bean selection.

She picked yellow beans then she took it to get its "belly" filled with the beans.
As the nice lady was asked Malia, "Are you ready to fill your mouse up"? I asked "What do you mean mouse"? She then turned the "bear" around and showed us the loooooong tail attached to the back of it. Ugh, I swear from the front it looks just like a bear.

Then the "bear" was sewn up and put in a "Critter Box" for the ride home.

Once we did that she was wound up pretty good and danced the whole way down to the ground floor.

My whole agenda this weekend was to take pictures so that’s what I mostly did. I actually have a another blog that I made just for pictures. Its becoming quite a passion of mine and I REALLY like doing it but I also have no idea how to use my new camera yet. My next thing will be to take a photography class at the local community college. You can see my other blog here

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Michelle said...

Great pics, Julie! Malia looks like she had a blast building her bear/mouse. I will go to see your other blog....