Monday, March 10, 2008

New Shoes

Malia got two new pairs of shoes today. She got two pair of crocks. This girl LOVES shoes, Ive never seen a child this into shoes. lol. She is such a poser too. Every time I would snap a picture, she would run up to look at the picture then run back to where she was and sit and pose again. She even grabbed Elmo to pose with her. Dylan is home from school again this week for spring break. Malia follows him everywhere. If he gets up off the couch, she gets up and is right behind him. My little office worker, I'm training her a little early. lol I bought the new version of photoshop and have been messing around with it a bit. I thought this was kind of cool. I was looking through some older pictures I have of Malia and found this one. I cant get over how "young" she looks in this picture. It was taken only 7 months ago.

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Norah said...

That picture is REALLY cool with the new photo shop!