Sunday, September 16, 2007

She walked about 6' today

Well, Thursday Malia saw a Pediatric Neurologist at Hershey and he seems to think that her CP only effects her left hand and left foot from the ankle down. That's great news that its not her whole limb. I don't know how he can say this but he thinks that her speech might be effected, we will see after the MRI so see what part of her brain is effected.
Gary and I have been working with her and her walking by sitting a few feet apart and getting her to try and walk between us. When we first got her she wouldn't even try, she would just flop down on her knees and crawl. But by clapping and making a big deal out of her taking even one step we eventually got her to walk about 3'. Today we were shocked when she kept making it about 6'.

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Michelle & John said...

Please don't just go with what the doctors tell you! Believe with all your hearts that your angel can do anything with your help and love! Thanks for sharing with us!