Saturday, January 1, 2011

What we do on a really REALLY boring new years day

We were really bored on New years day, even Yo Gabba Gabba, Max & Ruby,  and Dino Dan wasn't doing it anymore, so I asked Malia if we could take some pictures in some funny hats.  She said Yes!  That was a shocker since she hasn't been letting me do it lately.  I bought some vintage hats at a local antique store about a year ago with the intention of taking some pictures later on.  We took these indoors on a very cloudy day and it was almost sunset so I had virtually  no natural light.  So what I'm trying to say is these aren't that good.  lol.

This girl love to try and make you laugh, she'll do almost anything to make it happen. Like make funny faces.


Lisa said...

Great pictures. What a beautiful princess!

Anonymous said...

These are great! I adore the black and white and the hats are fabulous!