Sunday, April 4, 2010



She is 4 yrs old and from Shenyang in Liaoning Providence.   She has mild right hemiplegia,(Cerebral Palsy) the same thing that Malia has, but their opposite sides are effected.  She has been living with a foster family for the past 2 years.  We haven't really decided on a name yet, but were getting close.  We hope to travel between September and November. Malia is very excited to be getting a sister, and so are we!!!


Kris said...

she is so adorable! (and looks really familiar?? maybe my agency website, not sure, but i swear i've seen her face)! i just adopted a 4 year old 6 months ago- amazing experience!! (she was 3y 8m at the time of placement).

Congrats to you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! So exciting! My heart lept with joy when I saw this post :-)

Take care,
Steph (Elaina's Mama)

Kristin said...

I can't wait to follow your Malia going with you?

trina said...

Hi Julie. I'm Alexis's mom. :)

How exciting!! She's so precious. The girls will be so adorable together.

Looking forward to following your journey!

btw, I love your blog design. It's one of my favorites that Alexis has done. So fun. :)

jntandkid said...

Congratulations! This is wonderful news...for you, for Maila, and for Ming!

We're not very active on the blogosphere or yahoo groups much anymore but popped in to check on you. Our daughter is also from Nanhai and you took three beautiful pictures of her for us on your trip that we are FOREVER grateful for.

Many blessings to you and your family!

Jon, Tracey, and Lainey

~Lori Baxter said...

WHat an AWESOME experience for you and these children to unite and become a family! I have four and have always wanted to adopt from China....just getting my husband on board! :)