Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Pictures

My mother had two dresses custom made for Malia to have some pictures taken in. Heres my first ever attempt at taking portraits of Malia. Please keep in mind that these are "rough" copies and that I'm going to be doing some post processing on these. I would LOVE to add some textures to some, but I have no idea how to do that. So if there are any CS4 experts out there and you feel like giving me a tutorial or know of a good one that already exists please contact me! Also you might notice that Malia's nightgown is on backwards in the pictures that were taken with the wicker chair. We did not realize it until we did a dress change on her! Hahaha, so we will have to retake all of those pictures and the ones outside too.

These pictures that were taken outside are "blown" and overexposed. I'm going to try and fix them with lightroom.


Mei Mei Journal said...

Wow, those are wonderful portraits of your beautiful daughter in gorgeous dresses! You have so many great ones.

~verna said...

Your daughter has grown and blossomed. WHat a beauty! The twinkle in her eyes tells it all!

Blessed Family said...

Julie, Malia is so cute! I haven't looked at your blog for awhile, she is getting so big. Love the pictures!

Heidi (foshan)