Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Gettysburg Weekend

We just spent 5 wonderful days in one of my favorite places, Gettysburg. I love the history and old town feel, kinda like Willimasburg,Va.
( I have no idea why my words and pictures are so out of whack on this post)

We discovered that she REALLY likes to play in the sand. We played with these toys for two days then on the third day some man walked up, loaded all the sand toys into the wagon and left. Malia just stood there and stared at him then started to pout. I felt bad so we jumped in the golf cart (yes we had one) and went to the campground store. Luckly they had a little basket of beach toys.

went down by the pond to take some pictures, Here is an example of why you dont shoot pictures in harsh sun light! But I like them so I'm keeping them.

We went to the "Land of Little Horses" this time around. Not the greatest place in the world. Actually if you want my opinion it was a total waste of $14.00 for us and $13.00 for Malia. It had one of two mini horses and a donkey that roamed freely around (they were nice) and then they had stallions in round pen type areas that were there to be petted. Now let me repete these were STALLIONS !!! They should have had geldings or mare's in there, because this place is geared towards kids. And here is why................

See this "stud" bitting her knee? I noticed it right as I was snapping the picture (Malia never said a thing) and told Gary to get her down, NOW ! We tried to "pet" two other stallions and they both also nipped. I cant believe this place has not had a lawsuit yet.
They also have these toy tractors that the kids could ride around and ram the old donkey that had to be at least 30 years old and 3/4 blind. I felt so sorry for that thing. And yes, that little boy did ram the donkey and no one said a thing.

This were two little donkeys, they were both very nice.


Cheri said...

Ouch, I can't believe that stud bit her! I wouldn't want anything to do with him either. Sounds like you had a great trip.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Looks like a great trip. Love the pics...even in the sun! :)

I also love Malia's shirt!!! So true!!

Have a great day!