Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some new pictures

Again nothing new happening around here, we have been super busy here with "summer stuff". It seems when May rolls around we just get soooo busy we don't have time for anything.

Here she is using my makeup, she put concealer all over her lips. Who was I to tell her that's not where it goes.

I forget where we were going but Megan turned around and started laughing, Malia was putting on her chap stick a little on the heavy side.

Malia LOVES being outside ! Anytime she gets the chance she is outside. She can now ride a tricycle and keep her left foot on the pedal. She even uses her left leg to push on the pedal!

1 comment:

day by day said...

Oh, these pictures made me smile!! So cute!!

Looking forward to seeing you guys this week-end...let's hope the weather cooperates. : )