Sunday, April 26, 2009

The newest Civil Engineer

This past weekend was great ! All I can say about Pittsburgh is WOW ! I bet we got lost (and that's with navigation!) 6 times and that was only between our Hotel and Dylan's' house. Every other street is a one way and its not every other, its so random and confusing. We only live about 15 miles north of Harrisburg, Pa and thought that was big city but its nothing compared to Pittsburgh.

I think this was called a "Tram", it went up and down the hill right beside the restaurant.

So Friday night Dyl took us to a restaurant called The Georgetown, it sat "up on the hill" looking over the city, boy was that beautiful. I took some pictures but I think they came out kind of grainy. I have never paid this much for a meal in my life but the food and the view was worth it.

We were on the 6th floor and Malia loved sitting on the wide window sill looking at all the commotion on the ground. These were taken right before we left for the graduation ceremony

Malia was pretty good during the whole ceremony. She amused herself by trying on a few different pairs of sunglasses.

She had the best view in the house.

But then she fell asleep on Leigh's lap for most of it.

This kid does not want school to be over yet. I think he is seriously thinking of making a career out of it. lol.

Dylan is the first person in my family to graduate college, we are soooooo proud of him !!!!

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Kristin said...

Congratulations!!!! I can't imagine that yet. My oldest is graduating from high school the end of May. I can't even grasp college.....