Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Year ago Today..................

Wow, its hard to believe that its been one whole year since “gotcha day”.

Malia has come such a loooooong way since then.
When we got her she could not eat solid foods, could not walk and could barely even stand up. The first four days we had her she had “shut down” and by that I mean she never changed the expression on her face. Didn’t smile and didn’t cry. Nothing. No matter what we did to try and make her smile or giggle she never did. She would not drink anything and would barely eat either. Then on day four, you could see a very small smile, it was minimal and you really had to look to see it but it was there. That gave us hope. From day 5 and on she would open up more and more.

She was walking within 2 months of being home, she just needed to be given the confidence that she could do it.

Today she is the most giggly, smiley, and happy little girl. She has a lot of confidence and is very smart. She eagerly shows us love and is more then happy to receive it too. Here are some pictures starting from the day we got her, you can almost see the changes in her during the first week in pictures.

My dearest Malia …..Thank you for bringing light and love into our hearts…..

Monday, July 21, 2008

Say What?

What a week this has been !
It started out last Saturday, I kind of started to feel a little weird but thought nothing of it. By Sunday night I had a raging headache which is again nothing big because I get Migraines quite a bit but this one was different because my normal migraine medication was not working and I had a bit of a fever. I went to my doctors on Monday with the complaint of a major headache and a 101 grade fever. He told me that I have some kind of infection going on but what, he didn’t know because it was nothing obvious. Well all Monday night and all day Tuesday my fever went up and down from 101 to up to 105. My husband finally talked me into going to the emergency room Tues afternoon, so there we sat in the waiting room for 4 hours. For some unknown reason they decided to take an X-ray of my chest and guess what ? As it turned out I had Pneumonia. I had no idea ! I took a turn for the worse overnight and by the next morning could not breath very well. I got majorley out of breath by just trying to over turn over in the bed. I was very scared that this was it, I was going to die. I felt like I was suffocating, and that’s NOT a great feeling! Even though my lungs are not clear, I don’t have a fever anymore so they sent me home today. So I spent the past 6 days in the Hospital. I must give kudos’ to Gary for stepping up to the plate and doing an excellent job with Malia, right now I think he is as exhausted as I’ am. Of course he had help from Dylan , Leigh, and Megan and for that I’m very grateful!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some new words.

It seems the past 2 or three weeks that Malia is surprising us with more and more words. She now says, no ( and shakes her head at the same time) Leigh (she pronounces it wee) and Dyl for Dylan. She will tell us these big looooooong stories now and with all of facial expressions and body movements (especially the "hand" talking) that go along with the story its real hard not to laugh at her, but you just pretend like you understand and talk back to her. She loves it!

Its hard to believe that we are almost at the one year mark for "gotcha day"

I got hungry for a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing the other night. She loves the peanut butter icing.

These two aren't smitten with each other are they?