Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Year ago Today..................

Wow, its hard to believe that its been one whole year since “gotcha day”.

Malia has come such a loooooong way since then.
When we got her she could not eat solid foods, could not walk and could barely even stand up. The first four days we had her she had “shut down” and by that I mean she never changed the expression on her face. Didn’t smile and didn’t cry. Nothing. No matter what we did to try and make her smile or giggle she never did. She would not drink anything and would barely eat either. Then on day four, you could see a very small smile, it was minimal and you really had to look to see it but it was there. That gave us hope. From day 5 and on she would open up more and more.

She was walking within 2 months of being home, she just needed to be given the confidence that she could do it.

Today she is the most giggly, smiley, and happy little girl. She has a lot of confidence and is very smart. She eagerly shows us love and is more then happy to receive it too. Here are some pictures starting from the day we got her, you can almost see the changes in her during the first week in pictures.

My dearest Malia …..Thank you for bringing light and love into our hearts…..

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Michelle said...

Happy Forever Family Day to all of your family!!!! I have been thinking about you today as today is our one year...we had gotcha the day after you.

Malia has surely blossomed in your love!!!