Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We really didn't do much this weekend, it kind of snuck up on us quick.
Megan gave Malia her first manicure.

Malia will now actually play with lola. Before Lola wasn't allowed anywhere near her or she was having a fit and crying. Now Malia will get on the floor and play with her.

Every year on Labor day weekend they have a large fair along the river front in Harrisburg called "Kapona". We went today, it was fun.
Here is a pretty nice shot of the river.

There was some kind of canoe race going on, check out all the people in the one canoe! it looked kind of dangerous.

This boat is called the "Pride of the Susquehanna".

We then walked across the bridge to City Island, Its where the Harrisburg Senators baseball team plays. They also have these little shanties that are little food shacks, an arcade and a little children's sized train that goes around the island. I think they have other areas set up for children but we were pretty tired and decided to head back without exploring the rest of it. We only live 30 minuets away and can always come back another day.

I'm not sure if i mentioned this before but Megan lives with us now and started school here last week. She already made a new friend named Brea and they were together all weekend. They had a good time all weekend !

We had one tired little girl this afternoon.

Here are some random shots

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