Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I have been tagged

I have been “tagged” by Michelle @

I have to list 3 things about me.

1. Some of you know, some don’t, but I’m (was) a heavy smoker and have been for a little over 25 years, (yikes) and I just quit. I used Chantix and let me tell you if I can quit using it, anyone can do it ! Its only been 7 days but if I can go for 24 hours without one I can go years. I mean we are talking about a person who had to light one up before she ever got out of bed !

2. I have this horrendous fear of dying. Not of actually the dying part but….I want to live forever and especially, to at least see Malia married and her first born.

3. I LOVE to cook and bake.

(Yes, I made two # 3's )
3. My favorites are…..
Camping, gardening and reading.
Food-----anything my mom makes, Home made potpie, Apple Crumb pie,
Beverage- Water, Iced Tea (with no sugar) and if its really hot out I can drink an ice cold Corona with a slice of lime while sitting at the pool. ;)

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Michelle said...

Hey Julie!

Great to get to know you better! Congratulations on your #1!!! I am going to direct dave to you. he quit for 6 months and then started up after his accident. I will have him call you. : )