Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Malia's physical therapist suggested getting her a riding toy, with the thought of her using both legs and feet to push it along. She also got her first AFO (ankle, foot brace) last week so we are working on getting her new shoes to fit over her brace. I will have to buy two different sizes of the same shoe from now on. Next Monday she goes to be fitted for a "clam shell brace". Its a hard brace that fits over her right hand and wrist so that she can't really use that hand for much of anything. She will be forced to try and use her left hand. Its only kept on for a few hours a day. I have heard of amazing results from this type of therapy.

Oh, boy drinking and driving already !

Beep beep, coming through.

Her Nana also got her a doctors kit because she really liked playing with her cousins. She is in love with the stethoscope

She makes house calls too!

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Michelle said...

Glad to hear the therapy is going well! The arm cast sounds like the same idea as the eye patching we had to do with Sophie. Cover the good eye so she was forced to use the other.

Malia makes a very beautiful little doctor!

Hope you guys have a great week-end, Julie!!