Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well, I finally took the leap and registered her for daycare. I drug my feet for too long now. We visited today for awhile and will again on Mon, Tues and Wed before her first day next Friday. We spent some time in the 2 yr old room and I could tell it was too overwhelming for her. Between all the noise and a set of twins hitting, pushing and fighting each other. I have a feeling that even though she is used to being around others her age, they were never that active. She is very timid and I think she may not be able to handle typical 2 yr old behavior, you know the what’s yours is mine thing. She clung to me the whole time. The director of the faculty and I discussed putting Malia in the baby room for awhile until she gets used to all the noise and kids. They will take her back and forth between the rooms all day, so she is not so overwhelmed, and because she has to be closely watched when she eats, she is still pocketing food.

Dances with juice

Talks with hands and juice


Michelle said...

Oh, I know how hard the daycare thing is. I hope Malia adjusts fairly quickly to it.

Norah said...

I hope her adjustment goes well...yours too!