Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home 6 months

Today is the 6 month anniversary of when Malia was in our arms. Wow, it doesn't seem like that long ago but at the same time it seems like she has always been with us. She has physically and mentally grown so much. It's weird to think that when we first got her she couldn't even stand up on her own because she thought her legs would give out. But within 1 1/2 months of being home she was walking. She shows and receives love so well. She just recently started to initiate cuddling and will come to us unasked and give us kisses. Before she would wait until we came to her. She is absolutely the light of mine and Gary's life. She is awesome.

While we were in China I bought a bunch of DVD's and CD's. Her favorite is a CD of Chinese children's songs. She just cant help but move her feet and dance when its on. We call it the "Chicken wing" dance because she just flaps her right arm. Every once in awhile she would stop and check out her reflection in the TV.

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Norah said...

That was so cute!