Friday, December 21, 2007

A new kitchen

We decided to give Malia a few of her Christmas gifts early because I keep worrying about overwhelming her Christmas morning with all the excitement and gifts. We got her a kitchen set because her developmental therapist told us to do at much pretend play as possible with her. Well we put it together the other night and she LOVES it!! She is constantly "cooking" for us. The first thing she does when she walks up to it is turn on the light that's above the sink. The microwave, oven and dishwasher all have sound effects and when you put a pan on the stove it makes either the sound of something frying or boiling.

Here she is turning on the light.

Here she is making us Broccoli and french fries. Yum !!

Here she is making sure that the oven temp is just right for the taco, orange, corn on the cob, pancake, onion, plate,fork and eggplant that she put in there for us.

Giving it a good stir.

Giving a french fry a test taste.

She really likes her kitchen !

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Joce said...

Malia is too cute!! Fenway has the same kitchen and still uses it 2 years later. These girls are steeped in the Chinese tradition of feeding everyone!! LOL!! Have a very Merry Christmas with your little angel.