Sunday, February 4, 2007

Building walls

The new wall is up for Dustin’s new bedroom ( THANK YOU G. NEFF). We closed off the computer room so make a new bedroom for him, it will be bigger then the one he has now. Malia will get Dustin’s old room. Both rooms are getting re-painted and new carpet. My mother took me shopping and bought a 6 piece nursery set for Malia’s room. I went with the “Gossamers Wings” set from Babies R Us. I’m not sure what color I’m going to paint her room yet but we picked out a pretty cream color carpet.
I received my finished home study today !!! Yeah !
We will take all the paper work to Harrisburg tomorrow to get state certified. Then mail it off to the Chinese Consulate in NY to be authenticated. All I need now is that darn I-797C from Immigration, then we are done with the paper work.
I will get pictures up of the nursery when we get it done.

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