Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Funny Girl

Malia has just been cracking me up lately. Everyday day she says something new that makes me laugh. Yesterday we just got out of the car and she races to the door because for some reason she likes to be the first one in. Well , she couldn't get the door open, so she gives this big sigh and says " this freaking door wont open" except she says "feeking" hahahahaha. I never heard her say that before. Last night on the way to bed she starts gesturing wildly with her hands and shrugging her shoulders while rambling something about Saturday and Sunday. This went on for about 2 minuets. She goes back and forth about Saturday and Sunday, I look at her intensely while shaking my head yes, pretending to understand her.........She was so serious, but the only thing I could understand are the words Saturday and Sunday.