Friday, October 9, 2009

A few pictures

Wow I cant believe its been this long since I've posted, I guess we have been busy.  Here are some random pictures from our summer.

Getting pushed on the swing by big brothers rules!

Chief was complaining all summer that he didnt get a chance to "drive the boat" in the pool so we made sure he got a chance before closed the pool.  (Doesnt he look elated?!?!)

Malia says "I'm rockin the princess outfit"
Chief rockin the princess outfit

Malia and Megan

Malia checking out the campers next door

Malia and Daddy

Malia's first real dentist visit, she wanted to fill out her own forms

It didnt work, she would not open her mouth no matter how many prizes we put in front of her , so we are trying again in two weeks.

Wow, is it me or do all these pictures look real "grainy"?  I noticed that blogger changed again, maybe thats it?