Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy at home

We have been doing a lot of improvements around the house. First I painted the dining room a deep purple, and put in a hard wood floor.



Our living room light needed replaced badly for years. It was one the previous owner had made with 3 shop lights enclosed in 2x6 inch wood. When ever we needed to replace a bulb we had to set up scaffolding to change it. We finally had it replaced! The new one hangs down 12 feet so all we need now is a 14' ladder to change bulbs.

Out with the old

New light (taken at night)

Yesterday we spent a lot of time outside again so we did some of our favorite things.

Last night we went to see Uncle Neffy (or as Malia says,Uncle Nessy )and Aunt Beth.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer time

Boy does this girl LOVE the pool!!
The water is only about 78 degrees (to cold for me) but the kids have been getting in almost everyday. Malia cant wait to come home from "school" and put her swim "soup" on and get in. She will stay in that pool until you drag her out kicking and screaming. She gets so cold that her little chin just shivers and chatters away.