Sunday, August 24, 2008

Potty Time?

The other night Malia came up to me and said poop, and fanned her hand near her nose, lol. I just assumed that she has already gone in her diaper but then I saw her "assume the pose". Let me just say that it is very easy to know when she is doing her business. So Megan asked if she could take Malia to her potty to see if she would use it. Guess what? She did !!!! And boy did we cheer her on and praise the heck out of her.

Every year I try to get around 30 doz ears of corn to cut and freeze for over the winter months. There is NOTHING like having corn off the cob with your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner or just with a warm dinner on a cold night. Its also very good for making chicken corn soup.
So corn is what we did all weekend.

Here are some random pics from over the weekend.

Monday, August 18, 2008


We finally were able to go camping this past weekend. We normally would have went around 9 or 10 times by now. It was a GREAT weekend we all had a good time.

Malia and Aunt Shelly having a good time around the campfire.

This was the best part of Malia's weekend. We could not keep her off this golf cart.

Malia playing with Lola.

And some random pictures

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Today is Malia's Birthday, but we had her (first birthday party ever) birthday party yesterday. It did not start out so well but she was a trooper and enjoyed herself. It started out Friday night about 12:00 P.M. She woke up crying, so Gary went over and got her and brought her to our room and about 4 minuets after she was in our bed she started crying again and then threw up all over the bed and us. Argh! So we get up clean everything up and give hugs. We noticed that she felt really warm and it turned out she had a 104 temp ! Yikes, this is how my illness started out a few weeks ago. We gave her some Motrin and then we all went back to sleep. We woke up around 7:00 and she was still pretty warm so I gave her a tepid bath and Tylenol, that made her cool down a lot and she pretty much stayed that way all day. I cant believe that she was sick for her birthday ! She has never thrown up since we had her, its just weird

Dylan and Leigh got this neat Play-doh kit.

It's all about Elmo or Momo as Malia would say.

Grandparents always give the BEST presents

Nana got me really cool Elmo things!

Even Lola had a great time.

She tried soooooo hard not to smile when we sang Happy Birthday to her.

After the cake we all went out for a swim.

I have 3 butterfly bushes in the pool area, they really do draw in the butterflies.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Malia's getting a sister !

Well, not quite.
I had my heart set on going back to China for a sister for Malia. After my illness, it had me thinking that maybe going back to China was not the right thing to do. So, instead of going back to China we are getting her a sister from Florida! And we don't even have to go get her, she is being "escorted" here by a stewardess on US Air.

She is a Coton De Tulear. They are a small breed that is very smart and very good with children. They are sometimes referred to as the toy Labrador because they are such happy go lucky dogs. The standard is 10-12" tall and 12-15 lbs. They remind me of a Yorkie, only white and a tiny bit bigger.

Here is what she will look like full grown

Ahhhhhh, I'm being attacked by a puppy

I'm soft and fluffy

She really doesn't want to touch the puppy too much.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

50th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated Gary's parents wedding anniversary. Wow, 50 years, that's amazing. Try and find a gift or card for that occasion once, lol. They don't make a lot of stuff for that, I guess its because not a lot of people make it that far anymore. Here are some pictures......

Sitting with Aunt Tory

Uncle Dan showing me how Grams scooter works

Hanging out with Pap

Grams 'bitter beer" face. lol. She did not like the champagne.